Sparkly Shungite Butterfly Magnet


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Silver infused Shungite Rare Earth Magnets (Resin Cast), We super boost the shungite’s active field by putting it through a multi stage process, which includes saturating the pure shungite powder with a shungite ionic silver solution.

These all happen when shungite magnets are applied:

  • Food Lasts Longer
  • Less Energy Being Used saving money
  • Appliances Become Healing Frequency Generators

These can also be used in other places around the home e.g. plug sockets, radiators, fridge & freezers, washing machines, microwaves….Energy Consumption Reduction/Money Saving, Food lasts longer in the fridge. Lower temperature in fridge means you have to reset your temperature dial higher which saves you money on your bills, very noticeable on older model Fridges/boilers, Oraphim’s special formula has our shungite powders from Zazhoginskoje, Karelia (certificated) Our powder is infused with 99.9% pure silver.

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Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 35.5 × 25 × 2.5 cm